Gasman Ruse in Otivar

NRJ Gasman OnLOtívar Town Hall has issued a warning to its villagers concerning the presence of gasman scammers, claiming to be from Repsol.

The ‘gasmen’ say that they have to carry out obligatory checks on gas installations, something that is completely untrue.

There are two kinds of gasman scams: one, the callers are bona-fide gas fitters who will carry out a check of your installations and over charge for the inspection. The scam in this case is that there is no such things as an obligatory gas-installation check. The only time that somebody will come round to do this is if you have asked Repsol for such a visit. If you haven’t requested one, then don’t let them in.

The second type of scam is carried out by thieves who pose as gas fitters in order to gain access to your home. Whilst one keeps you occupied in the kitchen looking at the installations, the other is rifling through your bedroom drawers looking for jewellery and cash.

In both cases, do not let them past your front door – they do not have the right to enter. If it is a bona-fide gas fitter and you let him in, he has every right to charge you for the over-priced services rendered. If it is a thief…

If this type of scam is making the rounds in Otivar, then you can bet that they are targeting other small villages because they have high percentages of elderly residents.

(News: Otivar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

  1 comment for “Gasman Ruse in Otivar

  1. Rod
    September 11, 2020 at 3:46 pm

    We were taken in by a very plausable young man with an official looking id around his neck. He said he was from the local town hall and was required to check smoke alarms and gas instalations.
    After the ‘checking’ was done he tried to charge us 120 Euros for 2 crappy smoke alarms that cost no more than a few Euros at Leroy Merlin. When I realised I had been so easily taken in and it was a scam I nearly tied the fake id tight around his neck before I chased him down the street.
    3 months later he was back knocking on local doors in the small villages around Otivar etc. and when he saw me he ran like hell…. I still feel like a mug for allowing him in.
    My advice is a polite but very firm “Gracias pero no gracias, ahora pierdete”!!!

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