Torrenueva Hotels?

TRN Fair Ground Proposed Hotel AreaTorrenueva Costa Town Hall has taken its first steps towards drawing up its own PGOU (General Urban Development Plan). Until now it came under the Motril one.

The fact is that it wants to develop as a tourist destination along the lines of its neighbours but at the same time, unlike them. In other words, it wants to emulate what they got right and steer clear of what they got wrong.

Torrenueva Costa abounds in second homes and apartments for rent but few hostals and no hotels. It is this deficiency that the Mayor wishes to address. The snag is that only the patch of land reserved for the summer fair has the building-land category necessary. This land is next to the school at the western end of the town, close to the beach.

The location that the Town Hall wants to use for the construction of hotels is the Cañada de los Vargas, on a 600,000 sq/m area that lies between Torrecuevas Costas and Motril

“We don’t want to saturate the municipality with cement nor concentrate development immediately behind the beaches,” said the Mayor of Torrecuevas, Plácido Lara, adding, “We are very much conscious of needing sustainable development for Torrecuevas Costas, far from the beach with unique [elevated] views…”

Drawing up a PGOU from scratch is no easy task and the initial-approval stage has a target date of 2022. The first thing needed is funds set aside from the municipal budget for the PGOU project, which is set to be approved in the next Plenary Meeting of the Town Council.

TRN views from above the townOne of the ideas that could be included in the PGOU is a residential area for chalets and houses on the Cerro del Manco, which has sea views. “We do not contemplate large buildings (apartment blocks) there,” assured Mayor Lara.

Just some of the ideas that the Town Hall has are: a park around the outskirts of the town (8,000 sq/m); turning the whole paseo into a pedestrian-only area; improvements to the Playa La Pelá-El Cañón (that’s the one that borders with Motril’s Playa Azucenas).

But not all their goals are land related, as the town wants its own municipal police force instead of depending on Motril’s. For this they will have to fund a police force of four for all-year-round policing.

(News: Torrenueva Costas, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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