Finding Archaeological Funding

ALM Archaeological FindThere is not doubt about it; Almuñécar has so much History under its feet that its coming out of its ears – if you sneeze in Barrio San Miguel, up pops a Roman villa.

Yes, Almuñécar goes back some 3,000 years and two coffee breaks: first the Phoenicians, then the Romans, then the Visigoths, then the Muslims and then the guiris

Every time there is a building trench that has to be excavated, archaeological ruins are found, which require a lot of time and money to completely uncover, identify and catalogue. The Town Hall has got the time, but what it doesn’t have is the money.

At the moment the work up in the castle area is being funded by the Plan de Fomento del Empleo Agrario, which, as the name suggests, should be uses for promoting agricultural employment – let’s not get into that and concentrate on the issue at hand.

“We don’t have sufficient funds to carry out the subterranean infrastructure renewal work and carry out plans for processing the remains that we are coming across,” explained the Councillor for Culture, Alberto García, stating that the Town Hall needs funding from other administrations.

If the funds aren’t forthcoming the Town Hall will simply have to cover them back over and forget them until such times as more funds become available so that the remains can be covered with a methacrylate viewing window.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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