Marina Blue Zone

LHR Marina Beach ParkingOne of the most popular beaches in La Herradura is probably its most secluded one; La Playa de Marina de Este with its excellent chiringuito; parking is another matter.

Unfortunately, the Town Hall has set its sights on the 2-level parking area, providing around 100 parking spaces, set out on a 1-way system. They want to turn it into a Blue Zone… Is nothing sacred!

So, what is the excuse… sorry, the reason… that the Town Hall considers that this free-parking area should be turned into a dreaded Blue Zone; a system where you are obligated to hand over a kidney, indenture into servitude your first born or pawn your grandmother, in order to park?

The Dark Palace of the Mala Muerte considers that too many people are using it as a camping area for camper vans, which is causing the parking area to collapse. They say that it doesn’t necessarily mean that it must become a Blue Zone, but measures must be taken to curb the “camping situation.” In other words, they want it to become a Blue Zone but don’t want to sound too greedy.

But… and this is a big but, that area comes under the Darth Vader Department, also known as Costas and not under the authority of the Town Hall. Costas said that they would think about it, when approached by the Town Hall, which, let’s be honest, means expect a reply the other side of the next Ice Age and bring your own ice cubes.

Anyway, all joking apart, the question is, does the municipality need more Blue Zones? Is this parking area becoming a camper-van park or is it just an excuse to increase Blue-Zone revenue? Perhaps both?

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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