Brit Fugitive Arrested

AND Brit Fugitive Arrested in Fuengirola JL20Officers belonging to the Policía Nacional carried out the arrest of a British fugitive in Fuengirola, wanted over a murder and an attempted murder.

The Spanish police acted on a European Arrest and Release Order issued by the British authorities to bring the suspect to court to answer two charges: murder and attempted murder.

The murdered victim was a 19-year-old female student who had been caught in the crossfire in Blackburn between two gangs in May this year and hit by a bullet allegedly fired by the arrested man from the front passenger seat of a car.

It was during June that the police had news that he had arrived in Spain after fleeing the UK for Portugal.

Thanks to the close cooperation with the British police, they tracked him down to a hotel with his conjugal partner in a small municipality within the province of Huelva. He had been using his brother’s passport to avoid being tracked down.

The police also knew what vehicle he was using so they were able to track him across Andalucía. Amongst his movements were trips to Mijas and Fuengirola and it was near a hotel in the latter where they made the arrest. The police took precaution as their British counterparts had warned them that he could be armed and would react violently. In the end, it was carried out without incident.

(News: Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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