Bee Swarm Squats in Lorry

SPN Bee Swarm in a LorryThe Guardia Civil had to call in the assistance of a beekeeper after a broken-down lorry was found to contain a swarm of bees in the back.

The vehicle, which had been transporting beehives, had broken down in Romanillos de Medinaceli (Soria) and had been left beside the road. However, locals were alarmed that a swarm of bees had left a hive and were clinging to the roof in the back of the lorry. This could pose a problem for passersby.

A patrol car from the environmental branch of the Guardia Civil (Seprona) was despatched who confirmed the situation.

So, they contacted the owner of the vehicle, who lives in Valencia. However, he said that he would not be able to retrieve the lorry for a couple of days at least.

The answer was to get a local beekeeper to removed the swarm and return them to a secure hive, which was carried out.

(News: Romanillos de Medinaceli, Soria)

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