Attacked by Own Pitbull

GRA Chana calle Entrala y DuránIt was around 12.45h on Wednesday in the Chana area of Granada when screams were heard coming from a balcony, “My arm, it’s biting my arm!

The incident took place in a 1st-floor flat on Calle Entrala y Durán. A white pit bull standing about 50cm high had attacked a friend of the owner and then had turned on the owner himself when he had tried to pull it off.

As this took place on the balcony many people at street level and from their own balconies witnessed the struggle. “The dog ended up red with blood,” claimed one eyewitness.

In the end the Policía Nacional had to shoot the dog so that they could let the ambulance crew through to treat the two injured men. Both of them were taken to the Hospital Traumatológico to have their wounds treated.

The dog owner, Juan José, later described what had happened as “worse than in a horror film.

The animal, for reasons unknown, launched itself at the owner’s friend, who started screaming, so the owner tried to prise it off. At this point the dog let go of the friend and turned on the owner. The friend, in the meantime, ran off and shut himself in a room, leaving the owner to tackle the dog by himself.

When the police tried to get through the front door the dog launched itself at them so they slammed it shut again but not before seeing that the owner was in the same room as the dog and was bleeding from severe bite wounds to his arm.

They finally managed to get into the room, accompanied by the municipal dog catcher who used a steel noose to drag it into another room so that the police could attend to the injured man, applying towels to stem the blood.

However, the dog managed to break the noose and set on a police officers who got out his issue side arm and shot it dead.

Editorial comment: some men obtain such dogs because they think that other people will respect them more. However, animals can sense a person’s insecurity and literally smell their fear, which often leads to them turning on their owner.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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