Castle Tower Opened

ALM Castle Towers and WallThe Almuñécar Cultural Department has announced that they have opened up a previously inaccessible tower within the Castillo de San Miguel.

Municipal Archeologist, Eva Urquieta, explained that the said tower was built in Christian times and has a domed, brick ceiling. The Councillor for Culture, Alberto García Gilabert, added that it is the intention of his department to open all of the castle to visitors. Plans include 3D virtual visits, as well.

The castle as we see it today was built in the Muslim period around the 11th Century. Its irregular form follows the topography of the hilltop. Its inner space is flanked by ten square defensive towers linked by eight stretches of rammed-earth walls.

With the invention of gunpowder and use of artillery, the rammed-earth walls were reinforced with stonework facing. It is around this time that the Torre del Homenaje (Castle Keep) was built to house the castle governor. A little later a palace was built within the walls as a summer residence for Nazarine royalty.

Finally, with the Christian conquest of the Nazarine kingdom, three complete overhauls were carried out between the 16th and 17th Century and a drawbridge was added together with the four round towers.

During the Peninsula war it was shelled (which toppled one of the round towers) by a British naval squadron as it was in the hands of French Napoleonic troops.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: JM de Haro)

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