Spain Leads Tourist Bookings

SPN Tourist ReservationsSpain is at the top of the list for tourist reservations over the last seven days, pipping the USA to the post.

The USA represents 30.89% of all the reservations made and Spain just cruised in first with 31.83%. In third place was Portugal with 9.75% of the global bookings, followed in fourth by Italy with 3.61%. The rest of the ranking goes like this: France (2.39%) Mexico (2.1%), Greece (1.67%) and the UAE (1.51%).

This information was supplied by Travelgate, which analysed 20,000 bookings and 3,000,000,000 online searches for hotel reservations.

According to this source, that’s a 77% increase in bookings on April, which was when the Spanish PM, Pedro Sánchez announced the opening up of Spain’s borders on the 1st of July, without the need of going through a 2-week quarantine for people arriving in the country.

So, how did these booking pan out on a regional level instead of a national one? Glad you asked: Andalucía came in first with 9.64%, then Florida (6.2%), Canary Islands (5.71%), Algarve (Portugal) (4.94%) Balearic Islands (4.53%), Nevada, USA (4.36%), California (3.33%), Cataluña (3.31%), Valencia (2.78%) and Texas (2.6%).

In other words, five regions of Spain ended up in the global Top Ten.

The next logical question is, who is making the bookings? Well, the Spanish basically, who will be dominating tourist destinations in Spain over the next five months (56%). As far as foreign tourists go, in first place comes the the British with 21.69%, the Portuguese with 4.41%, the Italians with 3.4% and the Germans, 2.52%.

Obviously, it was July and August that soaked up the majority of bookings: 42% of which were made by couples and 29% by families, staying between two and seven nights on average, spending around 143 euros per reservation.

Editorial comment: So, Ladies and Worse Halfs, it doesn’t look so bleak after all, if Travelgate is to be believed.

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  2 comments for “Spain Leads Tourist Bookings

  1. June 12, 2020 at 1:52 pm

    Two things: the bookings are for later in the year when the quarantine is no longer in place – that ends of the 1st of July. Secondly, the “garden centre” comment was made when the country was completely locked down – it was not a longer-term suggestion… an indoor skating rink would be a much better idea! 😉

  2. Bernard Davis
    June 12, 2020 at 1:42 pm

    “First place comes the the British with 21.69%” despite the UK having a 14 day quarantine. Well Martin do you still want to turn Málaga Airport into a garden centre?

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