Phase Three Details

SPN Phase ThreeSocial gatherings
A maximum of 20 persons is permitted unless it concerns people who live together. Safety distance is to be observed.

Leaving-The-House Timetable
The timetable system for people being able to leave their homes at set hours and distances has been deactivated.

Bars & Restaurants
Customers & diners can now be served inside up to 50% of the establishment’s capacity. Two metres between tables or groups of tables; i.e., tables placed together for larger groups. Customers can be served at the bar as long as they keep a distance of two metres. Outside terraces can operate at 75% of their normal table capacity.

Hotels and tourist accommodation can now reopen their common areas up to a maximum of 50% of their capacity. Spaces used for meetings or wedding receptions etc should be ventilated up to two hours before use.

Up to 50% of their shop-floor space and two metres between clients. Shops must establish a special time reserved for those over 65.

Shopping Centres
These comercial areas can only open to the public if they limit their common areas to 40% of their capacity. As for businesses within the centre, they can only operate at 50%

Clothes Shops
The changing booths in clothes shops and tailor’s can only admit one person at a time and must be cleaned & disinfected afterwards before the next customer goes in. Items to be tried on must be “made hygienic” beforehand.

Street Markets
Streets markets will be limited to 50% of the normal amount of stalls permitted so that a safety distance of two metres can be observed. Items must not be examined (handled) by customers before purchase. Town Halls can enlarge the street market area or hold it on two days.

Up to 50 people can attend a burial if in the open air or 25 in enclosed spaces.

Going to Church
Churches can hold services for up to 75% of their normal space but safety distances must be kept. However, the maximum is 150 worshipers in an open-air service and 75 persons within the church.

Wedding receptions can be held whether they are open air or inside as long as they do not exceed 75% of the area’s capacity. Like churches it’s a maximum of 150 persons outside or 75 persons inside.

Cinemas and Theatre Houses
All cinemas, theatre houses, auditoriums, circus big tops or similar spaces can operate as long as the audience is seated and up to 50% of its capacity.

Nobody is quite sure because the Central Government announce that it had handed over responsibility for regulating this to the regional governments (Junta). However, it does appear that we are still restricted to our own provinces. This is probably going to change in the coming days.

Editorial comment: I have not translated such a load of illogical rubbish in a long time. “Social gathering up to 20 unless they live together”? Just how many people do they think share a house? As for street markets, not being able to examine the goods makes a mockery of going to a street market and as for keeping a 2-metre distance – have these people never been to one? Why not just say no markets, full stop instead of this muddle? I’ll say no more.

(News: Spain)

  2 comments for “Phase Three Details

  1. June 6, 2020 at 6:29 pm

    All timetable restrictions for everybody will be lifted as of this Monday. But even so, those over 65 can have priority if they wish it concerning shopping.

  2. Philip Whale
    June 6, 2020 at 6:23 pm

    Martin what about we over 70s are we still restricted or can we go for a drink and tapa at lunch time. See paragraph two above (Leaving-The-House Timetable) 😉

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