Clearing Plastic from Barrancos

ECO Removing Barranco PlasticThe Delegate for Agriculture (Junta) has had workers out all along the coastline, cleaning up barrancos  that are littered with plastic and other rubbish.

This action is part of the Servicio de Limpieza y Acondicionamiento de Cauces en la provincia de Granada 2019-2021.

The said provincial delegate for the Junta, María José Martín, turned up to inspect the work that was being carried out on barrancos within the municipality of La Mamola.

Workers have come across a lot of discarded plastic from greenhouses in the area, whilst they were busy clearing out these dry water courses of excess vegetation. Actually, they cleared out wild sugarcane, as it is considered ‘exotic flora’ whilst autochthonous species such as tarajes (tamarisk), adelfas (oleander) retamas (broom) were respected.

Besides tackling rubbish and overgrown vegetation, they also had diggers in preparing a central channel for the water so when there is a large downpour the storm-water channel will work at optimum efficiency handling the water.

The water courses in question are the Rambla de Cautor and the Rambla de la Hortichuela. It is worth pointing out that this area is where the sewage-treatment plant will eventually be built.

(News: Polopos-Mamola, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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