Walking The Goat

AXA Walking the GoatA young man in Torre del Mar has been fined by the Policía Nacional for taking a goat out for a walk on a length of rope – we’re not kidding… excuse the pun.

If you think that’s unusual, what about the man who was fined for taking a sheep for a walk on a lead in Marbella last week?

Anyway the Incredible Goatman was stopped not far from the area hospital for Axarquia, which is in the Tomillar area.

The police asked him if he realised that the animal on the lead didn’t look much like a dog, to which he replied that the goat was his pet but had run off, adding that he had spent the last few days looking for it and had finally found it.

However, he could not prove it as no missing ‘goat’ had been reported. Consequently, he has been fined under the walking-a-dog norms.

(News: Torre del Mar, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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