Almuñécar Fiestas Cancelled

ALM Fiesta Lights OnLAlmuñécar has suspended its August Fiestas, the Town Hall has announced, meaning amongst other absences, no firework display.

The Councillor for Fiestas, Alberto Manuel García Gilabert, considers that it was inevitable, although it doesn’t stop it being a very sad decision to make.

It also means, on a positive note, that the entire budget of some 200,000 euros for the summer fiestas can be diverted to social measures, which was no doubt one of the deciding considerations in making the decision.

Editorial comment: Well, there are two very positive things about this, apart from the money saved and they are: the town’s biggest, surface-parking area will not be put out of action for three weeks during August to make way for the fairground and, the town’s strugglings bars and restaurants won’t see their meagre takings dwindle due to the unfair competition of the Feria del Día.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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