Completely Demolished

ALM The Demolished MarketThere will continue to be articles, such as this one, about the Almuñécar Municipal Market, even though there is no longer a market to write about.

By the end of the afternoon of Good Friday, the demolition of the market had finished, so that now it is just a task of loading up the rubble and driving it away, leaving in its stead a deep, steep-sided pit.

The rubble will be separated and processed and by Tuesday the hole will have a metallic barrier around its 4,000 sq/m extension.

The Municipal Engineer said, “The building in general was easier to demolish except for around the fish-stalls area, where the concrete just fell away,” [making a controlled demolition more difficult] adding, “the demolition was precisely done and controlled so that nothing [dangerous] could happen.

As can be imagined, there will be whole flocks of ladened lorries leaving the site and heading through town, starting Tuesday. There are two likely routes: one will be via what used to be the entrance of the underground car park, turning right up Avendida de Europa. The other would be along Callejón del Virgo, which will have its one-way system reversed to Calle Guadix and up to Avenida Costa del Sol. it depends on which the drivers find easiest. After all, they have to shift around 7,400 cu/m of rubble…

Some of you will remember the original municipal market that was demolished in the early 80s – today, the plot is occupied by a large apartment block. Some of you will also remember the demolition of the old Paseo del Altillo with people standing in the path of the diggers to prevent it. This latest demolition was neither so peaceful as the old market on or as agitated as the Altillo one, but it has certainly been – and will continue to be – very controversial.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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  1. Tomm
    April 15, 2020 at 4:53 pm

    This type of market is an important character of the city and it needs to be rebuilt. I think we would all like to see it somewhere in the same area. We could even with a little imagination spark up the market and produce more revenue. More advertising for the market, during the summer those empty stalls could be used to carry items for the beach, a shop with handmade crafts from the local people, and arts from the artists. If not for the people the city would not have its unique character.
    So explain to the people mayor where and when we get our municipal market back and where will it be located.

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