Lanjarón Looks After Its Own

panoramic view of lanjaron, granadaLanjarón Town Hall has gone all out to get medical protection material for its townsfolk, purchasing 3,500 FFP2, surgical masks with a 95% protection quality. These are some of the best and, as a bonus, reusable.

Furthermore, each inhabitant will receive two pairs of good-quality gloves and as well as bleach. But that’s not all because they are also distributing 1,200 hydro-alcohol hand gels.

Basically, the Mayor, Eric Escobedo (PP), decided that he was not going to wait around until the Central Government or the Junta to furnish these necessities, but rather to shell out the funds, some 30,000 euros, and obtain them himself for his town.

Mayor Escobedo considers that it is not only important for the people of Lanjarón to be protected, but for them to also be informed so that although they are confined at home, when they do have to go out for an essential task, then they are protected against infection.

Of course, town-hall workers, home-care workers and staff at homes for the elderly and medical-centre staff will be amongst the first to receive the material.

(News: Lanjaron, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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