Care Home’s 1st Infection Case

MOT Luis Pastor AprosmaThe Motril, care home for the elderly, Luis Pastor de Aspromo has detected its first case of Coronavirus amongst its residents.

In this care home they have been taking the temperature of those in its care up to four times a day since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Spain.

Several days ago staff detected that one of the residents was running a continuous fever but was exhibiting no other symptoms typical of the virus. However, as the patient’s fever would not diminish, the decision was taken on Tuesday to take the patient to hospital.

It was this morning that lab results confirmed that the patient has contracted COVID-19. The patient’s condition is described as stable, however.

The care-home manager, Jorge Barbero, explained that they had already initiated the contingency protocol should a case be detected in the home, which houses 70 residents, plus some twenty workers. Those other residents that have had contact with the patient will be isolated from the rest and the premises will be divided into four zones.

Nevertheless, Sr. Barbero insists that it is essential that both residents and staff be tested to prevent further contagion. “If we do not carry out analysis we cannot be certain who, if any, is infected and who are not,” he said, adding, “We demand that tests are carried out.”

Lastly, it should be remembered that the Spanish legionary soldiers fumigated the entire premises.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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