Reader Asks: Why Against Golf?

I have a question for all you that are opposing the development of the land.

NRJ Old Maro Sugar FactoryIs it the development or the possibility of you losing your land that is your main focus?

The influx of revenue to the local economy, as well as taxes for the Ayuntamiento, and the Junta should be encouraged. On the other hand, it cannot be a normal Salsa development project since they care only about quick builds and not trying to integrate the development into its surroundings.

I’m all for organic horticulture but how many are actually doing it on their plots in that area? It’s not a place of beauty with plastic debris as on some of the farmland and It would be great to aspire to do the development of eco-houses and an organic golf course.

William Gerts

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  2 comments for “Reader Asks: Why Against Golf?

  1. Robert Hide
    May 15, 2020 at 4:35 pm

    43% of houses are left empty during the off season months, so why build more?. There’s also plenty of golf courses nearby.
    This will only push up house prices and make home ownership for young locals more difficult. Isn’t there enough development happening already in the Capistrano area which has already become an eyesore without this !

  2. Paul Tiscornia
    April 3, 2020 at 2:50 pm

    Yes, there a wonderful economic benefits to a golf course community. What we have now is an eyesore and a scar on the landscape.

    But,Golf courses have an incredible negative environmental impact; negative impact on their surroundings, from ground water pollution caused by fertilizers and pesticides to loss of natural habitats.

    Golf courses require a lot of water; they require an enormous amount of water every day and, as with other causes of excessive extraction of water, this can result in water scarcity in an environment already suffering from years of drought.

    On the other hand, a golf course can be a healthy natural environment. The turf grass on golf courses serves as a filter to runoff to control flooding; out of play areas offer wildlife habitats; trees and bushes filter dust and pollen; and the green space has a cooling effect.

    Socially, golf courses contribute to the problems of the haves and have nots but also provide a few jobs. There just needs to be a healthy discussion of issues.

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