Couldn’t Stand Neighbour

COS Traffic Police Turning Drivers BackWhen the police stop somebody out when they shouldn’t be, they are offered from the most foreseeable excuses to the most original – this is a case of the former.

“I’ve come out to get some fresh air because I can’t stand my neighbour,” offered one driver when stopped near one of the satellite towns of the capital with access to the A-44.

He was on the said autovía heading for the coast when pulled over. The police listened sympathetically perhaps, then fined the blighter, before making him turn around and head home to the tender company of his neighbour.

Another optimist, advanced in years, was stopped on the same autovía heading in the opposite direction – he had left one of these nearby towns and was heading for the city centre. He said that he was going there to do a spot of shopping. They shopped him because there are plenty of shops where he lives (near Padul).

(News: Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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