Drug-Running Yacht Boarded

SPN Dutch Yacht Nabbed 02Officers belonging to the Policía Nacional and Customs and Excise found four tonnes of hashish onboard a  yacht under a Dutch flag. The two people on board were arrested.

The erratic course steered by the yacht raised the suspicions of the police so they boarded the craft 80 nautical miles south of Ibiza on the 26th. The Yacht was searched and some of the drug found, so it was escorted into port for a more detailed search.

Drugs make their way over from North Africa and the Levant to Spain, which has become a strategic base for large drug-running organisations.

When the two Bulgarians sailing the yacht saw the Customs launch approaching they attempted to set fire to the yacht both to destroy the cargo and prevent the police from coming onboard. However, the police managed to jump onto the deck with fire extinguishers and put the fire out before it could take hold.

(News: Ibiza, Balearic Islands)

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