Dog Pack Eats Car

ALM Dog DamageYes, you read that correctly: there is a pack of dogs running around Almuñécar that has taken to chewing on cars.

Now, this is happening in the Barrio La Paloma where the seven dogs turned up one evening to have a good gnaw on the bodywork covering the wheel arches. The dogs live out on the nearby vega and come into the urbanización, which backs on to the Río Verde Vega, in search of food… and failing that, somebody’s car wing.

There is a video below, which was shot around three in the morning, where you can clearly see an Alsatian biting and yanking on the bodywork of the parked car.

The reason that the Magnificent Seven picked on this particular car was because they had chased a cat – a tasty morsel – and it had taken refuge under the bonnet, on top of the engine of this unfortunate vehicle.

When it’s not cats, it’s pet dogs that get the unwanted attention of the canine bovver boys, so people are reluctant to take their dogs out for a walk in the evening unless armed with a sod-off stick.

The residents there want the Town Hall to do something about the dogs but the Policía Local point out that Almuñécar does not have a dog compound. The besieged residents have since reported the damage to the Guardia Civil as well as complained to the Town Hall

The problem is that these abandoned dogs are starving and in some cases, a furry bag of bones – poor sods!

Something has to be done, both for the safety of children and small pets, as well as for the stray dogs themselves, whose conditions are lamentable.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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