Traffic Flow Blunder?

SAL Mercadona Calle GongoraThe Salobreña branch of the Partido Popular has pointed out that the new traffic directions in Salobreña are dangerous. They are referring to the arrangement including Mercadona and the Pontanilla.

Calle Góngora, which is the one from the N-340 exit ramp next to Mercandona, is where the articulated lorries delivering to this supermarket unload. These 18-metre long vehicles were able to drive straight down to the Pontanilla and out before but with the new traffic flow set up, they’re stuck.

They’re too long to take a hard right there so many elect to back out onto the N-340 exit ramp – which is highly dangerous as well as illegal.

On top of that, these lorries normally deliver between 22.00h and 06.00h the next morning; in other words, when visibility is poor.

The above is what the PP claim is happening and the Mayor is yet to respond, but if it is the case, somebody in the planning office obviously didn’t think the traffic-flow changes through.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, granada, Andalucia)

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