Lentegí Rubbish Dump

ALM Lentegi Rubbish DumpLentegí Town Hall has sorted out one of his long-term goals after four years of paperwork; Un Punto Limpio.

A Punto Limpio is an official rubbish dump where residents can take their old furniture, electrical appliances, etc for disposal…. rather than tipping down the nearest barranco.

The Provincial Council will provide the funding; just over 74,000 euros and seven companies have put in bids for the construction work.

So, where is it going to be? It will be situated in Las Alberquillas area of the municipality, about 400 metres from the municipal swimming pool, we’re talking about the north of the village, along Calle Nueva.

The Mayor, Antonio Ramírez, explained that until now large discarded furniture, etc, had to be taken to Otívar for disposal. He pointed out that building waste was the main problem, together with old furniture. All of this was first taken to a piece of land belonging to a local family, where it was stored until it could be shifted down to Otívar.

(News: Lentegi, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)


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