Taramay Roundabout Gasolinera?

ALM Tarmay GasolineraThe latest Plenary Meeting of the Almuñécar Town Council approved a project to build a gasolinera in Taramay, on the Autovia connection roundabout.

The actual location is the Herco-Fruit Cooperative, who are behind the project. Yet this project is far from new as it first came to light in 2007 but was denied a building licence two years later.

However, even though the motion was approved, it wasn’t unanimously as both the two main opposition parties opposed it: PSOE & CA.

The Spokesman for Adelante Almuñécar, Francisco Fernández, who defended the motion, pointed out that Herco Fruit is the only farming cooperative in Almuñécar and that having such an installation on their property would “help them cut fuel costs.”

Nevertheless, Rocío Palacios (PSOE) and Juan Carlos Benavides (CA) consider that the submitted paperwork for the project was incomplete and contained irregularities. Sra Palacios added that owing to its siting next to a main road it needed permission from Carreteras, whilst Sr. Benavides pointed out that according to the PGOU which the Mayor has had drawn up the land does not permit development and instead is for agricultural use only.

Not so, considers the Councillor for Urban Development, Javier García, who said, “If the municipal chartered surveyors have given their approval of the project because it conforms with all the requirements and restictions, then I shall have to believe them.”

The Mayor accused the opposition of trying to put sticks in the spokes of the project and pointed out that the motion was for a ‘presentation of project approval’ and that for a licence to be issued all necessary paperwork would have to be forthcoming. On that basis the Town Hall will approve the licence or not.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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