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SAL Mercado Municipal Cafeteria

Some new businesses will open their doors (or run up their shutters) in early 2020, which is also the year in which it is expected that the underground parking facilities will open.

In the program Mira Radio de Salobreña, the councilor responsible for the Municipal Market, Ignacio Trujillo, has stated that formulas are being sought from the Town Council to boost the market, while the necessary process is being carried out to enable its underground parking.

Trujillo asserts that the Mercado de la Villa is a veritable hive of activity during the weekends, although he points out that, “it is necessary to energize it during the week.” In this regard, he points out that the administrative process for the opening of new stalls/business spaces is under way, and states that “by the first months of 2020” several of those that are currently closed will be open for business.

He also hinted at the types of businesses opening up, “for example, in two of those spaces will be a gastrobar, a project that is very advanced, pending adjudication.”

There are currently about 14 closed positions, while a dozen shops are open, although it must be taken into account that several of them occupy two premises.

Ignacio Trujillo affirms that as far as the Town Hall is concerned all the facilities will be put in place so that the Market takes off and becomes dynamic. He hopes that in 2020 the carpark will be functioning, with its 30 parking spaces, which would allow traffic decongestion in the market area on the days of greatest influx. He also adds that currently the entire exterior is being painted.

The mayor pointed out that they also intend to support the celebration of cultural and leisure activities in the market building, as was done previously, “always attending to the needs and requests of the locals and the merchants of the Market.”

Editorial Comment: Everybody is just so nice!

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)


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