Gangland Killing in Mijas

AND Stiff in the Water Fernando TorresThe Guardia Civil recovered the body of a young man found floating amongst the rocks in Mijas last week – he had been shot multiple times.

A passerby had alerted 112 around nine in the morning, who despatched several police units as the body was in a place of difficult access – El Peñón del Cura. When they arrived, they also found spent bullet casing amongst the rocks.

The victim, who was a Slovenian man in his 20s with a criminal record, had at least seven bullet wounds of a calibre that points towards a submachine gun; i.e., an automatic rifle using pistol ammunition.

The Coroner gave permission to remove the body around one in the afternoon. The fire service from Mijas and Fuengirola had to help the funeral-company workers reach the body and several people were needed to bring the body up to the hearse as the victim was corpulent.

Also sent to the scene were Guardia Civil divers as the body had been found floating between the rocks and the area needed to be searched for clues, both on the rocks and below water.

The amount of violence between criminal gangs, especially of foreign origin, has increased alarmingly, so much so that the unofficial Guardia Civil union (AUGC) has called for back up from the Grupo de Reserva y Seguridad to be able to tackle the situation.

The AUGC says that the main Guardia Civil post in the area has only 150 police officers, meaning that they have only two patrols to cover an area of 150 sq/kilometres.

(News: Mijas, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia – Photo: Fernando Torres)

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