Father Locks Minors in Office

A father has been arrested for locking his two young daughters in his office in Elche (Alicante) for three days; from Thursday to Sunday.

He only went to the said office in those three days at midday, to give them a bocadillo each (a bread roll) and to spend the night.

The reason behind this behaviour was that he had shared custody over the two girls, aged 12 and 15 and had nowhere else to keep them.

It was the mother who contacted the police when she discovered the situation as the girls had been calling for help from a window. The police, after trying to contact the father, forced an entry into the office. Inside the living conditions were none-existent as there was no electricity, beds, showers or a kitchen.

The father, who knew that the girls’ mobile phones didn’t work as the batteries had no charge, has been charged with abandoning minors.

The girls were given over to their mother for care.

(News: Elche, Alicante)

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