Expensive Baggage

SPN Airport Stash 1Security checks at Valencia airport found several bags containing around a million euros in cash – they belonged to Chinese citizens.

The two men and a woman, aged between 38 and 79 had simply stuffed holdalls with Euro, bank notes and headed merrily for the security checks where the x-ray machine struck gold.

The money was confiscated and the individuals charged under the Ley de Contrabando (Smuggling Law).

Editorial comment: Although somebody of a politically correct disposition will consider the following racial profiling… The Chinese in Spain are a closed community who lend money between themselves, helping each other set up businesses, without going through banks, which explains why in most cases when somebody is caught with their luggage brimming with cash, they tend to be Chinese citizens… either that or Spanish politicians on their way to Switzerland…

(News: Valencia)

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