Belgium Resident Murdered

AND ToloxFollowing the discovery of the body of a Belgian woman in Tolox in Malaga on the 12th, with evident signs of violence, there has been an arrest.

Suspicions were raised that something was a miss when the woman’s sister was unable to contact the victim on the telephone – they spoke everyday, come rain, come shine.

Fearing that something had happened to her, she went to the remote country property where her sister, 58-year-old Ana H., lived – it was five in the afternoon.

She was unable to open the door as it appeared to be jammed so she began calling her but to no avail. She finally managed to gain entrance and discovered the victim in her bed with the covers pulled over her. Pulling the bedclothes aside she saw that Ana H. had met a violent end.

Furthermore, a closer inspection of the house uncovered several valuable items missing, as Ana was an art collector.

The prime suspect upon this discovery was a compatriot male, a friend who had been helping her with some building work on the property. He didn’t live locally, although he sometimes stayed over but more often than not he travelled backwards and forwards between Spain and Belgium.

Thanks to cooperation with the Belgian police he was arrested there on the 15th and is undergoing questioning.

(News: Tolox, Malaga, Andalucia)

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