Murder in Calahonda

ECO Calahonda MurderThe body of a building developer was found in Calahonda yesterday morning, wrapped in plastic and bearing several knife wounds.

The victim, 70-year-old José M.R.T., was found by a neighbour who had gone out to feed some wild cats that lived in the greenhouse where he works. He at first thought that what was in the plastic was the cadaver of some animal or other but upon seeing a human hand, he immediately phoned the police. It was 09.15h that morning.

The police arrived and cordoned off the blocks – a trail of blood led from the victim’s flat to the place where the body was discovered.

The Chairman of the block community was asked to identify the corpse, which he confirmed to be that of José; a man who lived by himself on the second floor.

It appears that the man was attacked in his own home and that his murderer had dragged the body out via the garage and across to the area where the body was found. The next-door neighbours said that they had heard or seen nothing suspicious.

Following the discovery of the body, the police and fire-service personnel combed the area where the body had been found in search of the murder weapon.

(News: Calahonda, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: still from Ideal video)

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