Looking Back: Gasp!

ALM Pleno JL12The Seaside Gazette has always been a satirical rag with plenty of tongue-in-cheek reporting and today’s Looking Back article is a prime example.

In 2009 the main income of many town halls was still building licences but they were quickly drying up as the building sector contracted, unable to find credit from banks.

We are not in the same situation (for the moment) as that far off autumn of 2009 yet the suggestion made by a councillor rocked the Town Council.

The said councillor is still one today and is a member of the governing coalition yet we could take it as a given that he wouldn’t come up with the same proposition in the next Plenary Meeting of the Town Council, even though it is still a ‘Spiffing idea!’

(News/Looking Back: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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