Changes to Driving Classes

Sunday, September 29, 2019
By Martin Myall

The Departamento General de Tráfico has brought about changes to the practical part of driving exam that take into account new technologies.

The Chairman of the Asociación Provincial de Autoescuelas de Granada, José Blas is very happy about this: “It’s something that we have been plugging for a long time,” adding, “it was necessary to be up-to-date with technologies.”

He also pointed out that this previous deficiency had made it difficult to renew their dual-control cars because it wasn’t easy to get them approved by the Driving Department. Even the cheapest cars come with gadgets and aids, such as proximity warnings and automatic light sensors, all of which had to be deactivated for the Department to accept them. Cars with automatic parking functions were a nightmare.

There has been plenty of warning that these new measures were coming into force, both from the driving schools themselves, as well as the DGT so nobody should have been caught out.

Editorial note: the biggest blow to driving schools was when the previous government permitted normal academies to give driving, theory classes, which took away a good chunk of their bread and butter. Many consider that you don’t go to a driving school to have maths or language classes so why should academies be allowed to give classes on driving.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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