Looking Back: Councillor Punch Up

Sunday, September 15, 2019
By Martin Myall

MOT Councillor Immaculada TorresTen years ago, September was a month of political upheaval with politicians slugging it out on the streets and one particular councillor doing her best to dodge a fine.

The two councillors had a fist fight when they ran into each other on the streets and then had promptly denounced each other for starting it. I can’t remember how it turned out, but you can be sure that they didn’t pay for the court costs through their own pockets.

As for the councillor who decided that parking fines were  for mere mortals only, well, it had its consequences, as you shall be able to read.

We’ll leave you to follow the two links in the first paragraph to find out more about Motril a.k.a. Dodge City, back in September 2009.

(News/Looking back: Motril, Costa Tropical Granada, Andalucia)

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