Daring Delivery

NRJ Frigiliana Delivery Van IncidentA delivery van in Frigiliana had a spot of trouble and ended up bumping down a narrow flight of steps.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt but the van was severely bruised, as well as quite upset. The van did rip up a section of hand railings, which had only recently been installed.

The incident occurred around midday Friday when the vehicle used for delivering ice to restaurants etc must have rolled forward (it has been parked) on Calle Rosarico La Joaquín, and lurched down the 13 steps on Calle Puerta del Molino. Its progress was stopped by the said handrails.

According to the Mayor of Frigiliana, Alejandro Herrero, it appears that the driver did not engage the handbrake properly. He also pointed out that it was very fortunate that there was nobody using the steps at the time.

The Policía Local cordoned off the area whilst waiting for a specialised vehicle with a winch to arrive and pull the van back up the steps.

Funnily enough, in May 2017 there was a similar accident, although the material damage on that occasion was greater: an S.U.V. fell onto a restaurant terrace after bursting through a wall above. Luckily, the restaurant had nobody on its terrace so only the tables, parasols and chairs were flattened.

(News: Frigiliana, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia: Photo: E. Cabezas)

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