Danish Kidnapping Victim

AND Marbella Kidnapping - DaneThe Policía Nacional have liberated a Danish citizen who had been kidnapped in Marbella for over ten days.

It was thanks to Europol collaboration that the Spanish police were able to track down the whereabouts of the 30-year-old victim.

Whilst in captivity the man had suffered a dislocated shoulder, a fractured right elbow, bruises and shallow stab wounds.

The 23-year-old Spaniard who had been left to ‘look after’ him was caught red handed (see photo). He has been charged with G.B.H. (grevious bodily harm) kidnapping and the illegal possession of firearms.

When the flat was searched, 3,835 euros in cash turned up and a precision balance for weighing small quantities of drugs.

The Danish police had contacted their Spanish counterparts through Europol to say that one of its citizens had been kidnapped in Marbella and that the family had received a ransom demand for 165,000 euros and several threatening phone calls. They also received photos of the victim in his battered state. They were given only six hours to make a money transfer.

Owing to this very short ‘window,’ the police had to move fast and soon tracked down the dwelling where he was being held to an urbanización in Marbella

Armed with a warrant from a Marbella magistrate, the police burst into the 1st-floor flat, subdued the kidnapper and found the victim lying on a mattress on the floor of a locked bedroom.

However the victim was also placed under arrest as he was wanted in Denmark on drug-trafficking charges.

(News: Marbella, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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