Car Leasing Theft Ring

SPN Policia NacionalThe Policía Nacional carried out a bust against a Málaga-based gang that stole high-range vehicles in Germany for sale in that province.

They obtained the cars by leasing vehicles using fraudulent means, obtaining eleven vehicles in this manner.

The police operation, entitled Operación Turbo, ended in three arrests: A Dane, an American and a Spaniard.

Investigative work uncovered a gang targeting German car dealers in luxury cars. This fraudulent company would obtain the vehicles via the dealerships financing entities and then lease them out, only to later declare their company insolvent by which time the cars had disappeared, ending up in the province of Málaga amongst other destination.

The German car dealers had since reported the cars as stolen in order to have them tracked down, hence the police operation.

In the first stage of the operation the Policía Nacional located two cars in Marbella, valued at 133,800 euros and 120,000 euros, respectively. Bit by bit the tracked down the other vehicles, and with the help of the Guardia Civil in Ceuta to find the only one that wasn’t still in the Province.

(News: Marbella, Malaga, Andalucia)

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