Brit Excursionist Found Dead

AXA Brit Excursionist DiesA British excursionist was found dead yesterday on the Pico de la Concha in Marbella by a mountain-rescue team.

The man had contacted his family in the UK via WhatsApp on Saturday to say that he was out hiking and had got lost.

The family immediately contacted the British Consulate in Málaga, who passed the alert on to the Policía Nacional around four in the afternoon, who then in turn alerted the Guardia Civil Mountain Rescue Service.

The Guardia Civil were already out rescuing three French tourists in that area, one of whom had suffered from heatstroke. They were taken to the Instán football ground by the rescue helicopter where a medical team was waiting to attend to them.

Having delivered the French tourists to safety they set out in search of the British excursionist, but the air-search part was called off around 20.30h that evening until daylight the following morning .

They received yet another call out from two women who had set out along the Cascada de la Regía (Tolox) and had become lost and called for help. As the mountain rescue team was already fully occupied, the Guardia Civil instructed the local fire service on how to mount the search operation – fire services have personnel trained in the use of climbing equipment, etc. This search was successful and the two young women were located and brought back.

At first light on Sunday morning a Guardia Civil helicopter began the search again, finally locating the British hiker just after 09.00 on a steep face of the Sierra Blanca but he was already dead so they could only  retrieved body. The circumstances of his death are not known to date.

News: Tolox, Malaga, Andalucia)

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