Furniture Dumping

SAL Furniture CollectionThe environmental department of the Town Hall in Salobreña has begun a campaign to address the dumping of old furniture on streets.

It has long been a problem, with old fridges, armchairs and dilapidated cupboards appearing on street corners, yet there is a municipal collection service, but the culprits don’t bother with it.

“The problem of furniture dumping on streets and lanes is blowing up out of all proportion, with literally whole piles of old furniture appearing when people move house, especially on weekends, mainly in the beach area,” explained the Councillor for the Environment, Ángel Coello.

Consequently, he announced that they would be cracking down on this practice with fine of between 300 and 3,000 euros.

So, what are the days and times when you can put your old furniture and white goods out? Well, smaller items up to a quantity of five can be left out on a Thursday night between 20.00h and 23.00h, placed next to the rubbish hoppers.

Furthermore, from Monday to Saturday between 10.00h and 13.00h you can take items you wish to get rid off to the Punto Limpio Municipal, which is located next to the Campo de Fútbol in Lobres. We understand from the press release that you are not restricted in size or number if you take it there yourself.

For larger items (the mother-in-law, for example) or those that number more than five in quantity (carol singers) you will have to contact a private company that specialises in this sort of thing and pay for it off your own back.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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