British Child Pool Death

AXA Los Romanes La ViñuelaA British child died near La Viñuela on Thursday in a small hamlet called Los Romanes after falling into a swimming pool where his family was staying.

The incident took place around ten in the morning when the 5-year old, who didn’t know how to swim, fell into his grandparents’ swimming pool. His parents and grandparents were having breakfast inside and hadn’t realised that the child had wandered off into the garden.

It was the parents who found him and pulled him out in an unconscious state with no pulse. The first help to arrive was the village municipal policeman, José González, who had been on duty at a pedestrian crossing in front of the village school next door.

He was soon followed by a UVI ambulance; i.e., with a paramedic on board, and then an air-ambulance helicopter.

Sadly, all attempts to revive the child proved fruitless whilst inside the house the occupants were devastated and in shock. The Psychological Intervention Group arrived to help them with their grief.

The ambulace and helicopter were withdrawn at 11.30h with the coroner arriving at 14.00h to sign the death certificate and give permission for the body to be removed.

Even the Mayor of La Viñuela was there to lend his support to the distraught family – the grandparents have lived in the village for the last 30 years and are therefore well known in the community. Furthermore, the father of the victim had grown up in that house, himself,  but had later moved to the UK.

(News: La Viñuela, Axarquia, Malaga, Andalucia)

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