Guardia Rescue a Horse

SPN Horse Rescue 01The Guardia Civil in one of their more cuddly moments rescued a horse that was trapped next to a fast-flowing river.

The mountain-rescue team (GREIM) was called in to extract the animal, which had been in this situation for several days. The police had been alerted to its plight via a message on social media.

They contacted the person who had reported it to get precise information so that they could mobilise the team.

The horse had somehow got down there by itself, between a rock-wall riverbank along the Torrent de des Horts in the municipality of Escorca (Balearic Islands). Obviously, the creature wasn’t short of drinking water and was in good shape.

The rescuers descended to where the horse was, calmed it down and improvising a halter with a length of rope guided the horse back up to the road, but not without great difficulty.

They later tracked the owner down and handed the animal over. He explained that he had tethered the animal in that area for it to graze and keep the grass down.

(News: Escorca, Balearic Islands)

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