Is Benavides Back?

ALM Benavides May 2019Juan Carlos Benavides, who has spent longer as the Mayor of Almuñécar than anybody else, is looking at taking the Mayoralty again.

With his seven council seats, he has more than any other party, but he is four short of the absolute majority. Who will reach a deal with him?

Trinidad Herrera, the actual Mayor, lost two council seats and ended up with six, so reaching a coalition deal is even harder.

The PSOE obtained the same results as 2015, which was three, so their only aspiration is making a deal either with the PP (very unlikely) or Benavides (just unlikely), which brings us the the smaller parties.

Ciudadanos is the natural ally of the PP all across Spain, but will they do the same in Almuñécar, but even so by bringing their two seats to the table, the partnership is still three short. They would need both Adelante (one) and PMas (two) to gain the absolute majority.

Benavides, on the other hands (seven) could reach a deal with the PSOE (three) and only be one short, so with just Adelante’s single seat, he could be sworn in.

In short, Benavides has many more possibilities than the Mayor of Almuñécar for the last two legislatures, Trinidad Herrera. However, he has an implacable personal enemy in the Pmas candidate (Luis Aragón) so he cannot count on the PMas council seats.

Vox didn’t even make it to the starting line with their 482 votes.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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