Pole Shot at Almería Airport

AND Almeria AirportThe Guardia Civil brought down a man with a shot to the leg at Almería Airport on the morning of the 14th.

The Polish man, who has a criminal record and was armed with a knife, was confronted after he gained access to a security area and was pursued out onto the marshalling pan.

He was taken to Hospital Torrecárdenas to be treated for the wound. The police officers, apart from bruises during a struggle, were unhurt.

The incident occurred Tuesday morning when the airport police found the man in a prohibited-access area, where they demanded his ID. Instead he confronted them with a knife before running off after a short scuffle.

The police first fired into the air but to no affect, so they shot him in one of his legs. Even wounded in this manner he still tried to escape but was finally arrested.

He is being treated not only for the bullet wound but also for a knife wound in the chest after he stabbed himself – deliberately or accidentally is not clear.

Editorial comment: needless to say, had this taken place in the States he would have been riddled with bullets… even if he wasn’t carrying a knife.

(News: Almeria Airport, Almeria, Andalucia)

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