Accident Sunday

ALM Taramay RoundaboutTwo minors were injured Sunday morning in a road accidnt involving a motorbike. The accident occurred at 10.50h near the Taramay roundabout. The victims, both aged 15, were taken to the Hospital Santa Ana  in Motril.

Around about the same time there was another accident, again involving a collision between a bike and a car, but in Granada on Calle Méndez Ñúñez.

But Sunday was a busy day for road accidents because about an hour later a 48-year-old woman was quite seriously injured  in Las Gabias and was taken to the Hospital Campus de la Salud.

In fact, the weekend wasn’t a good one at all in this aspect because on the previous day a biker was injured on a street within the municipality of Maracena, again involving a collision with a car.

Yes, man fights with speeding, 2-tonne lumps of metal tend to end in 0-1 scores and multiple, new, limb articulations.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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