Salobreña May Dog Show

SAL DogsSaturday the 18th of May will be Dog Day in Salobreña, or better said, Día de tu perro, which has been organised by animal associations.

The event, which has the slogan Salobreña Loves Its Dogs, will count on professionals in the sector such as dog trainers, who will be there to give free advice on your hound’s behaviour etc.

There will also be a dog groomer, if that is the right terminology, and a display put on by the canine unit belonging to Protección Civil.

If you have the intention of depriving your mutt of its pods… well, there will be a chat given by a veterinary surgeon on castration and spaying.

To round things off, in the afternoon there will be a dog show with prizes for the best looking mutt and the friendliest one – not always found in the same animals, of course.

But there’s more because there will be advice on feeding and dog care, as well as a demonstration of tracking; i.e., following the scent of a person.

(News/Culture: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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