Reader’s Letter: Pollution

Dear Editor,

On a beautiful spring Sunday recently while paddle surfing in the bay of La Herradura I was dismayed to see once again the visible pollution coming from Nerja.

There was also that inimitable smell in the water in one of the special hidden coves that are so precious to all of us who live in this little part of paradise.

I’ve been around this part of the world for a few decades now and am as passionate about swimming and snorkelling in clear water as ever. I’m not busting out with frustration so much for myself as for all the little children whose delicate systems will be getting poisoned by the uncontrolled sewage that pours into our marvellous Marine Park for lack of an effective cleaning plant in Nerja.

We are paying taxes to avoid polluting the loveliness of these coasts and the sea which is the cornerstone of the economy but Nerja just keeps on dishing out the dirt shamelessly. Don’t the people of Nerja have any civic pride?

What needs to happen to allow their depuración plant to be finished? I’m sure the people of Nerja don’t want to be labelled as dirty polluters!  How can we move forward from this mess?

Yours sincerely,
Mel O’Gorman Davies

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  1. April 24, 2019 at 9:21 am

    Although I agree with your indignation, I would point out that it is not the ‘people’ of Nerja causing the problem (other than their own bodily functions…) but rather the politicians.

    Nerjareños are just as much the victims of this administrative incompetence as the bathers in neighbouring coastal towns.

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