Helping Adriana Home

ECO Getting Adriana homeLocals in Castell de Ferro are active on social media, trying to help a Romanian man repatriate the body of his wife, Adriana.

Attila has had a number of employments, including working in the greenhouses and in a bakery but at the moment he is without work; hence his lack of funds to repatriate Adriana.

They have two adult children, aged 26 and 28, both of whom live in Germany-

“Adriana was very beautiful, sensitive and shy. We had been together for 29 years… I still can’t believe it,” he explained.

One of the locals who is helping and a personal friend, Roberto Castilla, is trying to spread the word via Whatsapp, letting those that want to help know the bank-account details if they want to make a donation.

The Mayor of Castell, Toñi Antequera, explained, “if they were people with little economic resource and wanted a burial in the municipality, we could help, but when it entails transfering the body to another country, it is much more difficult.”

(News: Castell de Ferro, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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