Swede Arrested over Death

SPN Murder in Puerto de MoganA Swedish man has been arrested in the Canary Islands, accused of killing his live-in partner.

The man, 45-year-old L.E.A., is being held in custody over the alleged killing of 42-year-old María V. last Thursday in an apartment complex where they lived in the municipality of Mogán.

The hearing will be before the special court for Gender Violence, rather than in the local court.

According to neighbours, the accused has looked ill for several month and has difficulty climbing stairs.

The police have been able to access the seven security cameras in the apartment block and thus have been able to compare the couple’s comings and goings to see if it coincides with the statement made by the accused.

The Guardia Civil had been alerted the death of the woman by the accused, who had phoned it to report her death around 10.00h that Thursday morning.

Despite the explanations given by the husband, the blows that the victim had obviously received together with the coroner report that indicated a violent death led to his formal arrest that same afternoon.

(News: Mogán, Canary Islands)

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