Chiringuito Fires

AND Chiringuito FiresThere has been a flurry of fires involving chiringuitos on the Costa del Sol, two in Marbella and then one in Rincón de la Victoria.

Although the first two occurred in February resulting in the destruction of Chiringuito El Pinillo and Chiringuito María Bravo, the fire that destroyed Chiringuito Aquí Mismo in Rincón occurred last month, towards the end, just when the owner, Estefanía Griñán was about to reopen for the season.

The trouble is that the new chiringuitos permitted by Costas have to be built in the most part of wood and according to the owner, insurance companies aren’t willing to provide cover against fire.

Estefanía says that the chiringuito was set up by her parents and that she had worked there since she was 16 (she’s now 30). Now, the chiringuito has simply ceased to exist.

The fire service was alerted just after midnight (early hours of Friday the 22nd) by a neighbour and they arrived just ten minutes later, but even so, the building was already completely engulfed in flames and beyond saving.

She said that the Guardia Civil had commented that it is a near certainty that the fire was deliberate because it started on the terrace where the awnings are and where there are no electrical appliances or machinery.

As for the fires in February, two minors were arrested at the beginning of March in connection with the Chiringuito El Pinillo fire.

Editorial note: insurance companies probably do provide fire coverage, but modern chiringuitos being constructed mainly of wood, it would be very expensive.

(News: Rincon de la Victoria, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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