Doctor on Board

SPN Doctor on Board“Is there a doctor on board,” is a well used question in Hollywood scripts and according to a recent study, on 80% of flights, there is… This story is about one such case.

This was the case of a flight from Málaga bound for Paris on Wednesday the 20th, when a passenger went into anaphylactic shock. Luckily for her there was a doctor from Granada’s Hospital Clínico to hand.

The 40-year-old passenger had bitten into a roll bought from the aisle trolley, which unfortunately for her had a little pineapple in it. Now her body and pineapples just don’t get along and before you could say, “I want my money back,” her body had reacted and she was having a great deal of trouble trying to breath.

The time-honoured question was made over the tannoy and up stood Doctor Estefanía García, who is a digestive-system specialist. I mean, just how lucky can you get?

The woman hardly had a pulse as the doctor examined her as her airways were completely blocked by swelling and was undergoing a fit. But the medical cabinet on a AirEuropa Boeing 737 is a handy bit of kit to have at 36,0000 feet.

Doctor García used a cannula to keep her throat open and administered an injection of adrenaline, which stabilised her condition and saved her life.

The protocol in such a situation is to land at the nearest airport, but as her condition was improving the decision was made to continue with the journey to Paris. In the meantime the doctor kept a good eye on her pulse and breathing.

But, the patient’s situation started to deteriorate whilst still one hour from Paris, so they made an emergency landing at Nantes Airport where an ambulance was waiting.

And the moral of the story is… never trust a loitering pineapple!

(News: Spain)

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