Eastern European Gang Busted

ALP PampaneiraLa Guardia Civil have busted a gang of East Europeans, suspected of carrying out 19 break-ins on bars and shops in the Alpujarras.

Police operation Fortun had investigated 16 robberies in the Alpujarra Granadina and three on the Almería side of the Alpujarras carried out between September 2018 and February this year.

Besides the break-ins they also stand accused of making an illegal connection to the mains electricity network and of forgery.

The gang was very fast and efficient in its raids taking hardly 30 seconds, striking in the early hours of the morning in one of the targeted businesses. Before launching a robbery they would case the premises with a hidden camera in order to locate the till and any valuable objects.

In one of their first break-ins, which was a bar in Ugíjar, they drilled out the lock drums to gain entry. they then emptied the cash register and removed a laptop computer. They didn’t try to force open any of the expending or gambling machines – they were straight in and out.

The Guardia Civil have calculated that the gang bagged over 32,000 euros during its 19 robberies.

Shortly after the break-ins began, the Guardia Civil reinforced their night patrols which resulted in their identifying a vehicle shortly after a burglary in a bar in Trevélez. When they first saw the car it had three people in it but by the time that they managed to intercept it, there was only the driver.

In the meantime the judicial branch of the G.C. based in Órgiva had managed to discover the identities of those suspected of carrying out break-ins in Roquetas de Mar, Almería and El Ejido.

On the 26th of February the police arrested four of the five men involved in this spate of crimes whilst the 5th member was arrested on the 19th of March. Their homes were searched and several items from the 19 break-ins were recovered. They also found professional, specialised tools used in burglaries, one of which was a device to force lock drums. There were also walkie-talkies and a taser.

Finally, in one of the homes the house had an illegal hook-up to the mains which was used to feed powerful computers for mining bitcoins.

Note: The Alpujarra is singular unless you are referring to both provinces over which this area stretches.

(News: Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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