Handicapped Brother Starved

naked and confused in orgivaA man was arrested in Motril over the death of his handicapped brother, whose body had been found buried on their property in Órgiva.

The 38-year-old victim, who suffered a 97% disability, was found in a shallow grave next to a cortijo in Órgiva belonging to his brother who was supposed to be looking after him.

The handicapped brother had been missing for two months and the Social Services Department at the Órgiva Town Hall had reported the situation to the Guardia Civil.

The police went in search of the brother who the legal guardian of the victim – their parents had died and the two brothers lived together. The police  finally tracked him down to a hostal (B&B) in Motril.

A Guardia Civil press release on Friday stated that the arrested man had become the legal guardian of his handicapped brother when the parents died. The two men both lived together until the victim died of starvation last month, according to the autopsy.

The detained man decided not to inform anybody and opted, instead, to bury him on their land in order to continue receiving the disability allowance for his brother, the police consider. Upon burying him he abandoned the cortijo and disappeared.

When the police questioned the man about his missing brother he said that he had gone to live with an uncle in Soria (the north of Spain). However, the police checked it out and discovered that the said uncle had died in 2003.

When the police confronted him over the lie he broke down and confessed that his brother had died and that he had buried him. The next day the police uncovered the body.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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